In this article, I am covering the Top Ad Campaigns of 2020.

The methodology for selecting the ad campaign:

I looked at the virality of the campaign, understood the impact it created on society, gone through the expert opinions, and my understanding about the campaign. So, the list can beโ€ฆ

Elonism ๐Ÿš€

Big News: Elon Musk aka real Ironman has overtaken Bill Gates to become the worldโ€™s second-richest person.

Meanwhile Jeff Bezos:

โ€œThere is more treasure in books than in all the pirateโ€™s loot on Treasure Island.โ€
โ€• Walt Disney

We often try to find answers to the problems and questions in our life at the wrong places. โ€ฆ

Tony Hsieh, bestselling author and former CEO of e-commerce pioneer, died at age 46 on November 27, 2020. What a tragic loss!

Tony Heish built one of the best customer service brand in the world from scratch โ€” Zappos!

Letโ€™s take a closer look at how he built Zappos.


According to the CRISIL report, the media and entertainment sector is expected to witness a 16% decline in revenue for FY-21. The industry would lose 18% of revenue because of advertisements.

Well, because of lockdown and social distancing all external forms of entertainment like movie theatres, amusement and theme parkโ€ฆ

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